Ed Wadas was truly one of a kind person.

I first had the opportunity to meet Ed when I became the basketball coach at New York Mills High School. My first few seasons as coach “Uncle Ed” was my score keeper. But he was much more than that; a fan, a supporter and a person that cared about the well-being of the players on my team.

Ed’s history of generosity is well documented, though he never liked the attention that came with it. He wanted to make sure that if you needed it for your school or your program, if he could, he would see to it that you got it.

I could always tell that Ed’s reward was knowing that he would help if you needed it. Sometimes it would be out of the blue. Sometimes with meticulous planning. Ed was there for you.

When we had success, he shared in that success. When we had a tough loss, there was always homemade strawberry bread and a few words of wisdom…his way of telling you to move on and think about the next day.

Uncle Ed’s legacy is more about who he was, than what he did.