The Game Changer Grant provides the opportunity to transform your community!

Is your organization involved in providing sports, fitness or recreational activities to kids ages 5-18 in Oneida or Herkimer Counties? If so, we want to hear from you.

What obstacles are preventing kids from accessing recreational and competitive youth sports in your community? Is it field space, equipment, transportation, programming? Tell us how the funds can help overcome those barriers and encourage local youth to get back to playing and being a kid.

We want to see collaboration, creativity, sustainability and most of all something that shouts FUN!

Application Deadline is October 16, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal grant application?

We would encourage you to think big and outside of the box. We would love to see a unique and transformative project that will be sustainable for years to come. Collaboration among multiple organizations is encouraged to allow this project to reach as many local youths as possible.

What are the qualifications to apply for the Game Changer Grant?

Qualifying organizations may apply for grants that will provide youth with supplemental experiences and opportunities not ordinarily embraced within the existing organizational operating budget. Eligible organizations include schools [K-12],non-profits and municipalities that service youth ages 5-18 located in Oneida and Herkimer Counties.

How do I apply?

The first step is to fill out a contact form by clicking on the “Apply Now” button located on the homepage and below. You will fill out some basic information, and a member of the Foundation will evaluate your initial application and contact you.

If the initial evaluation indicates you are a potential candidate for the Game Changer Grant, we will follow up for a site visit and you will need to provide the following information:

  • Proof of tax-exempt status from the IRS
  • List of current Board of Directors
  • Certificate of Incorporation duly filed with the New York Department of State.
  • Financial information such as your organization’s historical and current statement of financial position, statement of activities and fundraising activities will be requested.
  • Project Quotes (minimum of two)
  • For religious corporations- Certificate of Incorporations as a religious corporation organized under NY Religious Corporation Law

We also require that you obtain permission from the organization’s administration to apply on behalf of the organization prior to submission of an application. The organization must designate one point-person for the project from the start of the application through completion.

The application requires a project quote. What does that mean?

As part of our grant application process, we require that you submit a vendor quote, estimate or bid for ALL requested materials and services. If the organization you are applying for has an internal bid process that needs to be followed, you must complete that process prior to applying. Each item sought in the grant application must have a vendor quote, estimate or bid. Example: You are requesting funds for renovation of a baseball field. We require individual quotes for the entire project; ex: contracting, materials, equipment.

We do not endorse any vendors, but love to see that local businesses are provided the opportunity to participate in the application process. The Foundation generally requires that all significant requests be supported by multiple vendor quotes.

Once you have submitted your initial application, a member from the Foundation will contact you to obtain the needed materials and to set up a meeting. During this meeting we will ask questions about proposed usage, demographics of the intended recipients and other funding sources available for the project. Each project is different and therefore each application process is unique. We often like to set up site visits to view the current status of your program/facilities and learn more about the applicants.

What if my application does not meet the projected $250,000? Can I still apply?

Yes! If your group or organization has a project that can transform a space to encourage play, eliminate a barrier to access, or increase equipment availability we want to hear from you. Regular monthly community grants will still be funded throughout the year. The Game Changer grant is looking for one big collaborative project but based upon applications, the committee may choose to fund multiple applications that total $250,000.

When will I find out if we have been chosen?

A representative from the Foundation will be in contact with the designated point person once your application is started and will assist in making sure all needed materials are submitted by the deadline. The winner of the Game Changer Grant will be announced at an event on November 16, 2023.

What if I don’t win?

On November 16, 2023 one $250,000.00 winner will be announced as the winner of the Game Changer Grant. Other projects may receive funding for a portion of their proposal that evening as well.

If your project is not chosen as the winner of the Game Changer Grant, feel free to reach out about our community grant awards. The Edwin J. Wadas Foundation is committed to improving youth sports and athletics in Herkimer and Oneida Counties. The board meets on a regular basis and continues to support projects throughout the year.

Previously Funded Community Grant Projects

Take your youth sports to the next level!

The Wadas Foundation seeks to give all youth the opportunity to experience and benefit from the teamwork, hard work and fun that sports provides. Applying for a grant is easy.

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